Why we created the very first pét-nat opening tool?

Have you seen any of those videos about opening a bottle of pét-nat? Or have you ever prepared any bottles to open?
As a result of the high pressure inside the bottle, usually it is complicated and nasty to open up a pét-nat. For this reason, this delicious drink is excluded from many events and places of hospitality and gastronomy. Now we want to change this!

We at Sekhina are passionate about beautifully designed concrete objects and pét-nat.

Out of this enthusiasm, we created a 100% innovative, handcrafted, and sustainable pét-nat opener.

With our innovation, we wish to promote the development of pét-nat culture and natural wine consumption and create a new style of habit.

With Sekhina opener, everyone can enjoy the slow and fizzling, no juice-wasting opening ritual for an ultimate pét-nat experience at any place and occasion!

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Real pét-nat is a natural or low-intervention wine. The partial fermentation finishes in the bottle and makes tiny bubbles between 3 to 4 bars of pressure. At the same time, the lees remain unfiltered. High pressure is required for the formation of tiny bubbles and creating authentic flavour and special effects in the bottle. Since there is a pressure difference during the opening, high pressure and lees together create extra foam in the bottle. We are obsessed with these high-pressure pét-nats! This is the reason why we created the opener tool.

How does Sekhina pét-nat opener work?

Sekhina pét-nat opener is a multi-functional tool. First of all, it enables us to open this high-pressure wine safely and without loss. Thus the drink is secured from spilling out, so the surrounding doesn’t get dirty. In addition, the bottle holder made of concrete functions as a wine cooler and keeps the glass cold. The built-in and water-resistant LED light illuminates and highlights the bubbles and the stirring lees while opening. This gives a super groovy and exciting sight and captures attention during the opening process.

The wine fits perfectly into the HPC concrete frame rounded by a plywood holder with a small and stylish stainless steel pin on the top. Once you place your pét-nat into the concrete holder, you pierce the crown cap with the threaded pin. When you let it back a little, the pressure in the bottle is starting to release. With this, you can control the flow of the gas, and the strength of the foam. While drinking the pét-nat you can taste the various layers of the drink.

Why choose Sekhina pét-nat opener?

The Sekhina pét-nat opener keeps the opening procedure within appropriate limits and provides community event and social experience. Everyone can manage the pressure of the bottle with the help of the adjustable pin so that not even a drop is lost. Using the Sekhina pét-nat opener, the ceremony of the opening process is exciting and scenic.
We created this tool to give meaning to the slow procedure of opening and thus give culture to real pét-nat consumption and establish new rituals. Not even mentioning the hassle-free opening.

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Sekhina pét-nat opener.
Concept: László Folkmann, Róbert Ilcsik, Gábor Kasza
Product design: Gábor Kasza - Sekhina design
Patent pending